Adbar Women’s Alliance

In 1994 Adbar Ethiopian Women’s Alliance was officially launched, as the first female-headed, and the only Ethiopian women's organization in Massachusetts, with a focus on personal, social, economic and cultural growth of women and girls.

Adbar offers economic and social empowerment programs, and a range of related support services to meet the needs of newly arrived immigrants and refugees, as well as homeless, low-income, and at-risk individuals and families.

Adbar’s mission is to enhance the awareness level of Ethiopian and other marginalized women understand the systemic gender based oppression, also to examine the existence of many levels of oppression among ourselves, as well as policy and culture, and we are committed to address these issues in collaboration with other groups which have shared objectives and goals.

Adbar aspires to building a community where gender based violence and, discrimination will no longer be tolerated, and eventually eradicated form our communities Also aspires in creating a safe and healthy communities that are based on cooperation, mutual, respect diversity intergenerational collaboration, and a more just and equitable society.