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Rev. Adrienne Berry-Burton — Pastor

AdrienneReverend Adrienne Berry-Burton comes to Old Cambridge Baptist Church with pastoral experience in churches and on college campuses.

Reverend Adrienne was raised in the Pittsburgh, PA area. She attended Penn State University and completed her education at Georgia State University with a Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education. The renewed call to ministry led her to Andover Newton Theological School in Newton, MA where she earned a Master in Divinity in 1997. After a time as a professional Community Organizer with Greater Boston Interfaith Organization she completed a three year fellowship in Urban Ministry at Harvard Divinity School, 2003. She is currently enrolled with Gateways to God: Spiritual Direction and Congregational Development. She recently completed a journey with eight other American Baptist ministers and lay people through southern cities, meeting people of faith who worked for freedom and justice, September 2014. She is interested in the many pathways that foster healed persons and healed communities.

She also currently serves as the part-time Facilitator and Curriculum Developer for TABCOM’s Leading Edge Discipleship. LED was formed to nurture the spiritual growth of mission-minded young adults. They meet once a month. She continues to serve part-time as a Chaplain at UMass Boston through Oasis of Faith Campus Ministries, an ecumenical ministry established in 1974.

She is mother, grandmother, jewelry maker, vocalist, learner, teacher, preacher and Pastor. Reverend Adrienne shares this note of joy, “I am a blessed woman who is afforded grace filled opportunities to live out my faith and to share the abundant love of God in a community of Believers in churches, in my extended family, and the wider community.”

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