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Building Ministries

Old Cambridge Baptist Church rents space to various organizations.  With the exception of the José Mateo Ballet Theatre, all of these use office space in our newly remodeled basement.

José Mateo Ballet Theatre
OCBC presently enjoys a unique partnership with the José Mateo Ballet Theatre, in which the ballet occupies the worship space of the congregation for six and a half out of seven days per week.  The church and the ballet company are long term partners, with a forty year lease.  On Saturday nights, the worship space is reconfigured from a ballet studio into worship space, as chairs, altar table, organ, piano, and choir risers are moved into place for the worship service on the following day.

Homeless Empowerment Project
The Homeless Empowerment Project publishes the Spare Change street newspaper.

Adbar Ethiopian Women's Alliance
Founded in 1993, Adbar Ethiopian Women's Alliance is the first Ethiopian women's organization in the United States.

National Gay and Lesbian Task Force

Solutions at Work
Since 1989, Solutions at Work has helped people transition out of homelessness by empowering homeless people to advocate for their own needs and by breaking the economic chains that bind people in homelessness.

Cambridge Child and Family Associates
Cambridge Child and Family Associates is a group of mental health clinicians who work to raise awareness of and educate the public about the variety of therapeutic services available to children, adolescents, adults, families, and schools available in their community.
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