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The OCBC Experience

“I came to OCBC for its social justice track record and its open and affirming GLBT history, but I keep coming for the intimate spiritual bonds among members and friends, the excitement of singing in a challenging and beautiful choir, and the frequent integration of the arts into the worship experience.” (Marcia)

“I joined the church over 40 years ago because it brought the Gospel to life through social conscience and action – particularly racial justice and the anti-war movement. I have stayed because OCBC keeps doing this – addressing issues of gender equality, justice for Central America, the GLBT community, for refugees and the homeless.” (Sue)

“What I value most about my experience at OCBC is that I feel valued, not just for what I give to and do for the church, but for myself. I feel loved.” (Richard)

“OCBC has been a wonderfully supportive community for my husband and I as we have raised our children, steeping them in the experience of the Biblical teaching to love tenderly, act justly, and walk humbly with God and our neighbors.” (Maureen)

“OCBC reminds me of the early church in Acts, a place where everyone is welcome. Even me.” (Brian)

“I started attending OCBC in 1985 because of the openness to GLBT community here. I continue to stay for the friendship, that cut across gender and sexual preferences, for the music, and the inspiration offered by individuals who have made social justice their life’s work.”

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