Old Cambridge Baptist Church
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Old Cambridge Baptist Church is located in Cambridge, Massachusetts three blocks south-east of the redline Harvard Square T-Stop.  We are a progressive and inclusive Christian community in the American Baptist tradition that seeks to answer God's call to hold fast to love and justice for all the earth and its peoples.

OCBC has been a welcoming and affirming church since 1983. We invite people from all backgrounds and walks of life to worship with us on Sunday mornings and in our daily lives.

Our Sunday worship services begin at 10:30 AM. We are located at 1151 Massachusetts Avenue and 400 Harvard Street (our building spans the block) in Cambridge, MA.  The church building is just south-east of the Harvard Street T-Station, on the Central Square side of Harvard Square.  We hope to see you soon!

To us, the “stewardship” of our building means encouraging its use by the community around us as much as possible. Since the mid 1970’s, our congregation has sought to share its space with social advocacy groups that serve the homeless, the GBLT community, refugees and others. The use of our downstairs office spaces by community agencies and organizations further extends the justice-work of our congregation throughout the local area, the nation, and the world; our building itself, has thus become one of our most important resources for ministry. We regard it as an incubator for social change that serves over 20,000 people a year, and is viewed by thousands of cultural heritage visitors annually. The impressive Gothic edifice points us, and all who pass by, to God’s eternal love for the world, and our partnership with God in sharing that love with our neighbors. Likewise, the Church Gardens express our congregation’s commitment to appreciating and cultivating the beauties of nature, and caring for the earth and all of God’s creatures.

And our building is full of Dance! In 2000, the church forged a long term partnership with the José Mateo Ballet Theatre for their rehearsal, performance, teaching and administration uses. The church Sanctuary is transformed into a dance studio and performance space during the week, and converts to a worship space for the congregation on Sunday mornings. The JMBT truly enables prayer-in-motion to God at all hours of the day and night, expressing in their school, performances, and community outreach, their commitments to help create a more just and joyful world through dance.

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