Our Covenant

Covenant of the Old Cambridge Baptist Church

Gathered as people of God

            who would live the faith we profess,

            we covenant:

To become a community

            enabling each other to realize the new life

            God intends for all people,

            and expressing the power of God to unite people

            across all social and religious barriers;

To worship together praising God

            and celebrating God’s forgiveness and love,

            which sustains us in God’s service.

To equip ourselves and our children for mission,

            bringing together Biblical insights

and the realities of the contemporary world

through a rhythm of study and action;

To apply responsibly our abilities and resources

            within society and the church,

            living in the tension between individual convictions

and the discipline of this community;

            To go into every are of the world’s life,

                        there to enter into the work of God….