Climate Justice

Our congregation has affirmed care for the environment as part of our stewardship of Creation since the 1970s, when members first participated in Earth Day celebrations. As climate change has grown to threaten all life, especially the lives of the poor, the marginalized, and communities of color, we have increasingly turned prayer and action toward Climate Justice. As a people who believe that all creation is sacred and interconnected, we are called to prophetic speech and action to stop the destruction of our life-sustaining ecosystem for profit. We are equally called to be agents of healing and compassion in a world where climate catastrophes already stoke conflicts, mass migrations of refugees, and competition for dwindling resources.  Some of the ways we engage in this mission are through:

Prayer and worship

Including ongoing prayers for climate justice, and hosting a climate-focused service to open Harvard Heat Week 2015 with guest preacher Tim DeChristopher

Educating ourselves

  • We host a Climate Justice book group, as well as periodic Adult Forums after worship serices to equip us spiritually and practically for action.
  • Groups of OCBC members have attended films together, such as Merchants of Doubt and This Changes Everything

Reducing our carbon footprints

Activism on behalf of Climate Justice

  • We are exploring possibilities for congregational divestment from fossil fuel companies.  Meanwhile, many of us are divesting our personal savings and participating in the divestment movement (as students and alumni of educational institutions, as members of Baptist organizations, and as contributors to pension funds).

  • Members are also working with

    • American Baptist Creation Care Ministry at regional and national levels
      Massachusetts Interfaith Coalition for Climate Action, through which we demonstrate and lobby with other people of faith for a clean energy future in Massachusetts
    • Better Future Project/350MA, including activism action against new fossil fuel infrastructure, and for fossil fuel divestment and clean energy

American Baptist Policy Statements and Resolution on the environment: